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The Caribbean ICT Research Programme has launched phase two of the mFisheries mobile application “mFisheries 2.0″ in Tobago on April 9th, 2014. The Early Adopters Exercise was launched with five (5) Tobago fishermen in the first phase of the exercise. Each fisher received one smart phone outfitted with the mFisheries mobile application suite and a waterproof case for use at sea.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard and the Department of Fisheries in Tobago each fisher took part in a one day orientation session with a brief introduction to the mFisheries  application and an overview of the Navigation and Safety at Sea applications. The fishermen showed great enthusiasm in exploring the application for the first time. Routine trips to Tobago were done prior to the launch to facilitate open discussions with fisherfolk throughout the island to better understand their needs when going out to sea and the challenges they face. These interactions helped shape the mFisheries mobile application.

In the coming weeks the Early Adopters are expected to attend a one day training session. This session will equip the fishermen with the technical skill to effectively use the application and its many features while at sea. An overview of the S.O.S application and Navigation application will provide the necessary feedback for members of the CIRP team as they continue their research in developing tools that can make a difference.

mFishereies Launch

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