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mFisheries wins CTA Grant!!

CTA announces grants to five institutions to facilitate the scaling up of ICT solutions in ACP countries

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) will fund the next round of mFisheries action research: ICT Integration in Small Scale Fisheries Vertical Value Chain through itsBuilding viable delivery models (BVDM) for ICT for Agriculture in ACP countries initiative. A coordinated and interdependent set of activities will be executed as a structured framework for integrating ICT interventions into the vertical small scale fisheries value chain from fisher to policy maker, with an emphasis on the fisher.

RugB Enagement-Platform co-management

The CTA-funded mFisheries: ICT Integration in Small Scale Fisheries Vertical Value Chain is motivated by the pressing challenges faced by a sector which lies at the intersection of highly-vested, competing interests including subsistence livelihoods; enterprise commerce; extractive and other industries; the environment and marine resources; as well as a broad spectrum of criminal activity, both small and large scale. The planned activities recognize that small scale marine fisheries is generally fraught with significant operational, organizational and capability challenges; and features one of the highest risks to personal safety of all livelihoods.

ICT interventions can yield systemic gains in the sector. This is particularly so for the vertical value chain from operations to policy and the planned activities seek to implement the missing link through the extension, customization and deployment of the existing mFisheries suite in a strategically-significant selection of Caribbean jurisdictions. It seeks to do so within the framework of a novel delivery model; and to report through a set of practical briefs to guide sector managers, policy makers and the development community in the replication, customization and scaling of ICTs in general, and mFisheries in particular, across ACP countries.

The Caribbean ICT Research Programme (CIRP) seeks to draw on the findings of first cycle mFisheries design, field trial and assessment to achieve the following results over a period of 1 year:

  1. Customization of multi-agent mFisheries@sea for, and strategic deployment within, select Caribbean territories;
  2. Proof of concept of a multi-agent engagement platform;
  3. Viability assessment of a novel delivery model;
  4. Creation of practical briefs for meaningful and sustainable application of ICTs in fisheries.

 About CTA

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA) is an international organization established in 1983 under the Lomé Convention between the ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) group of states and the European Union member states. CTA’s mission is to advance food security, increase prosperity and support sound natural resource management through information, communication and knowledge management, facilitation, capacity-building and empowerment of agricultural and rural development organisations and networks in ACP countries. CTA’s strategic goals and key priorities focus on supporting conducive agricultural policies in ACP regions; promoting profitable smallholder value chains; and strengthening information, communication, and knowledge management (ICKM) capacity of ACP organisations. CTA investments and interventions are spread over 79 countries in Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific and organized across five thematic programmes, namely, policy, trade and value chains, ICTs and innovations, communication and information dissemination and knowledge management, with cross-cutting issues including gender and youth. Learn more about CTA and the BVDM initiative at


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